Vector Based Graphics vs. Bitmap (Raster) Graphics.


To understand why a Vector Based logo is so important to your business you need to understand the difference between Vector Based Graphics and Bitmap (Raster) Graphics.

In a nutshell Bitmap Images are not how you want to start your logo. Bitmap means any image that is a .JPG, .GIF, .TIF, .PNG... and so forth. So let me break this word down so that it makes more sense when I explain Vector based Graphics.

BIT <-- little "bits" of information. MAP <-- information that "maps" pixel color and location on your monitor.

Want to sound like a pro? You can call those types of image files -Raster Graphics, and just like that your talking like a designer. But before you go around pretending to know what your talking about you should know a little more about both RASTER and VECTOR images.

Pictures and images can be stored on computers in many different formats. Raster Graphic files may be created by scanning in existing images, or by creating images directly on your computer, using programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo Paint, Windows Paintbrush, and similar image editing programs.

Two of the most common RASTER files used are .JPEG and .GIF. These files are used a lot on the Internet and are considered to be Raster Graphics. Now that you know that, let's drive this point home.

These Raster file formats are known as "lossy compression" because they actually lose information when they are resized to a larger or smaller size, effecting image quality. [No one needs a blurry logo] This is why your logo should always be Vector Based. When your logo is "Vectorized" all of your promotional items will always represent your company in the best of quality. You want to look good don't you? Of course you do, So, let's move on.

Now that you know Raster Graphics are "Lossy Compression" we'll continue with the difference between Raster Graphics vs. Vector Based Graphics.

Just like Raster Graphics, Vector Based Graphics hold information for your computer to create an image. However, the MAJOR DIFFERENCE is that the information in a Vector Based file is a mathematical equation instead of a "map" -and no matter what size you need your file, your image quality is 100% all the time!

When you say Vector Based Graphics you're now talking about a file that contains mathematical instructions for drawing your image at ANY size WITHOUT ANY LOSS OF QUALITY! Now your logo will always be at its sharpest most defined prime at any size! As you just read, the #1 advantage of Vector Based Graphics is constant QUALITY. So go ahead, enlarge your logo on a banner or put it on the side of a blimp -We Vectorized it for you!

So, what does all this information mean to you?

In short, if your serious about your business you want a Vector Based Logo. And if you plan on displaying your logo all sorts of promotional items like: pens, hats, pencils, bags, business cards, flyers, Blimps, and you-name-it... GIVE US A CALL! We will help your logo get there.

Take a look at the images below to complete this important lesson.

Raster Graphic Small

Raster image blown up


Vector Graphic Small

Vector image blown up

As always, if this information is not clear or if you have a few more questions, please call us or email us with your questions or orders.

Thank you for your time in reading this information -now give us a call to VECTORIZE your RASTER BASED logo!

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Please let us know if any of this information was too overwhelming or if it was perfect in understanding the importance of a vectorized logo.

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