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Reliable, Experienced, Professional. We are, "YOUR PERSONAL ART DEPARTMENT."

Located in Orange County, California, we welcome clients from across the United States to use our graphic design services. We go above and beyond your average graphic design firm because we offer you one-on-one time with your designer. We've been designing graphically pleasing solutions since 1999 and are always willing to take on new projects and clients. Below are some of the graphic design services we offer as your personal art department and their pricing.

Please send us a quick email for more information about the outlined services below if you have any questions.

The services below are NOT the only services we offer. After all, we're your personal art department -without the full-time overhead cost of owning one.


Travel to you:

Graphic Design by the hour:

  • Starting at $35.00/hr. minimum of 4 hours


Print your own designs.
Does your project only require a template design? You can print; Business Cards, Post Cards, Letterheads, and Envelopes with us for great prices. Check it out

Individual Design Services

Photo Restoration:

  • Photo Touch-ups: $40.00 and up
  • Photo Manipulation: $7/ea. and up

Business Card Layout/Design:

  • Business card design: $50.00 FLAT!
  • Business card template design: $65.00 FLAT!
  • Template manipulations: $7.50/ea.

Flyer Layout/Design:

  • Basic Flyer Design (no images): $25.00/side
  • Graphics Based Layout/Design: $90/side

Banner Layout/Design:

  • Design begins at: $90.00/side minimum.
    • Oversized Artwork Design ($25 Minimum): See pricing below for additional charges
      • Multiply sqft. total by price per sqft. in the box below then add the $90/side design fee for your total.

12sqft. – 27sqft.: $2.50/sqft. 28sqft. -70sqft.: $2.85/sqft. 71sqft.-150sqft.: $3.00/sqft.

Over 151sqft.: $3.75/sqft.

Logo Design:

Social Media Design:

  • Starting at: $40 -NO hourly rates (1-4 day turn around)

Website Banners:

  • All standard sizes are: $50.00 (1-2 day turn around)
  • All standard sizes with FLASH are: $90.00 (1-2 day turn around)

Vectorizing [what does this mean?]:

  • Most Vectorizing needs are covered between: $50.00-$200.00 (1-5 day turn around)

T-Shirt Design:

  • Up to 5 color design: $75.00-$140.00 (3-5 day turn around)
  • Color Separation: $45.00 Up to 3 colors (3-5 day turn around)


  • 15 sec. Flash intro: $240.00 -No Hourly Rates!
  • 30 sec. Flash intro: $480.00 -No Hourly Rates!
  • Flash TV Commercial: $1,200.00 -No Hourly Rates!



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