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B.) Print colors vs. your monitor

D.)Acceptable file formats




Bleed basics:

  • Design everything at least 1/8 larger than the final cut size of your advertisement (red area below).
  • Make sure all text or images you want to see in your designs stay 3/16 INSIDE of the final cut size for best results (see dashed line below).
  • Make sure you're always aware of the final cut size to ensure the best design.

The red area above shows what a bleed is. A bleed basically makes it possible for whatever color or image your background is to extend past the actual cut size of your job -otherwise, someone else's work will be trimmed into your artwork. The bleed lets you use the whole area of a design for a nice background or image. Stay within the basics and you won't have any issues.

You can proceed for Acceptable file formats.

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